Who can join us?

We say anyone who has a heart and mind to play Golf is most welcome to join us. All it takes to play this incredible game is – focus. You don’t have to be a master of the game or a know-all; you only need to love the sport as much as we do!

Whether you are a senior pro Golfer, who has been playing for decades or an amateur who has the will and zeal to get into the game with sincerity you will be considered for membership.

We have members from all walks of life basking in the glory of the game with us:

  • Senior Players

  • Women Golfers

  • Children and Beginners

Every applicant is required to undergo a simple enrollment process. To qualify for the membership of Broome Golf Fan Club, you need to fill in our simple online form citing the reason you wish to be a part of our esteemed group of fans. Once you accomplish this procedure, you can seamlessly enjoy the benefits of being associated with the largest and most loyal Golf Fan Club in Perth, WA.

What do our members say about us?

We are proud to associate with this fantastic sport

I was sceptical if I'd qualify to be a part of the club for being differently-abled. But, these guys are very compliant. I must mention that I have an inherent skill set for the game and play flawlessly. To be among such like-minded folks is great fun indeed!!

Noah Cooperour differently-abled member.

I am new to the game an always had numerous queries running on my mind. Here, I feel directed at every step of the game by the experienced pro Golfers who are also a part of the Broome Fan Club. Just like any other beginner, I enjoy knowing the nuances of the game. To get all my questions answered in the friendliest way possible is a bonus!

William Peacockour youngster member

Well, being a pro Golfer myself, I was looking for folks who share my passion for Golf. This place is awesome! I participated in all their weekly and monthly activities, and honestly, I was thrilled to showcase my talent to the lively crowd of fans of all ages and stages of life.

Linda Owensmember of our woman squad

Our Members’ Ratio

Young adults
Senior players

Qualities of our members

Focussed Approach

Members are required to stand together at all the events organised by the fan club. They must understand that they need to represent the club gracefully and show unity. After all, the only essential attributes required to master Golf are focus and determination.


To maintain harmony among the members, we encourage the members to conduct themselves respectfully and amicably. The members should always abide by the rules and follow the Admin’s instructions during events. The Broome Golf Fan Club will not be responsible for any misconduct of its members.


  • Our members are expected to respect the rules.
  • Wearing the fan club t-shirt to all the events is a requisite.
  • Any issue with a fellow member has to be immediately brought to the notice of the Admin.
  • All the information related to the upcoming events of the Fan Club has to be kept confidential.