What makes Golf so unique?

Golf is not just a sport - it’s a way of life

Playing Golf inculcates good manners and etiquettes in the players.

Golfing on a right sunny day uplifts mood and spikes Vitamin D levels.

There is no age limit to play Golf. World’s oldest Golf player was 103.

Golf tournaments are a great way of networking in your career.

Golf: The Royal and Ancient Sport

The history of world Golf dates back to the 15th century when it was played first in Scotland. The sport got introduced to the European countries during the Middle Ages. Chaugan, an ancient Persian game is assumed to have emerged into the present day’s Golf by some. The modern version of the game, however, originated in Scotland. The standard 18-hole golf course was created first at St Andrew's by shrinking the 22-holes course to 18 holes by the members. Musselburgh Links, East Lothian, Scotland, March 2, 1672, is certified as the oldest Golf course in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Golf’s first major, The Open Championship, was world’s oldest Golf tournament first played on Oct 17, 1860, at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland with Scottish golfers winning the first majors. Owing to the real wealth involved, the sport gained momentum rapidly and went on to be known as a sport of the Royals for a reason.Recently, Golf was included in the Summer Olympics 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the new Olympic Golf Course. Justin Rose conferred the Gold medal for England. The Olympic Federation has also confirmed featuring 72-holes of stroke play in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The Broome Golf Fan Club

Who are we? How did we come together?

The Broome Golf Fan Club was founded by David Evans, Amy Owens and Breg Williams during the Emirates Australian Open 2014. It was the common interest for Golf and its related activities that brought them together. When initiated, little did they know the small group would witness Golfers from all over Perth, WA flocking together and cheering in a common tone of voice. A small number of 35 members soon evolved into a whopping 720. Our fan club went on to earn the reputation of being a renowned sports club all over the capital. Apart from an array of weekly and yearly fan club activities, the members watch the tournaments together and cheer for their contemporary favourites. Quite obviously, the Golf fans are professionals themselves and live up to the never say die spirit of the game. Broome Golf Fan Club prides itself on bringing together the like-minded, fun-loving Golf loyals under one roof.

Surprising Golf Health Facts

Golfing is great for your body and soul.

Good for your brain

Golfing boosts confidence and self-esteem by stimulating the nerve connections. It requires you to focus and remain calm. Golf improves concentration. Golf is a game of strategy and calculations. Therefore, your brain activity levels go up when you play it. Engaging in a game of golf maintains your brain health.

Burns calories

Covering acres of land on foot, a Golfer burns up to 1000 calories in one game. Golf is an excellent way to stay fit and burn calories every day. It is an active sport which requires you to walk and use your upper body for swinging the gold club.

Promotes sociability

Playing Golf helps connect a community, build relationships and even grow your commercial real estate business. Most cities have private or public golf clubs. By enrolling in a golf club, you widen your social circle and have the opportunity to discuss golf, casual or corporate topics, and much more.

Weekly Golf Tournaments

To promote the spirit of the sport, we arrange weekly tournaments for our members. Prepare ahead of time to get an edge over other players in the game. Be ready for surprises. Expect the unusual while you deal with the pressure that grows with every shot. Some of them may be attended with anxiety while others may involve a lot of fervour. Prepare your equipment and don’t forget to clean your clubs including the grips. Carry some refreshing drinks and water to keep hydrated.

Also it’s a good practice to carry snacks on the go to attend to last minute hunger pangs. Wear sunscreen. As the Aussie sun is harsh, it’s never a good idea to expose your skin. Stay wary of going out in the open without a good sunscreen as you may need to reapply it during the day. Breathe and relax before you set on your first tee. Try to unwind and calm yourself. Prepare your mind for the focus you’ll require to play this splendid game. Also, make it a routine to stretch and swing on the range before you head towards the first hole.

Let’s have a glimpse

Of our prestigious golf club

Golf Rules In Australia – At A Glance

View the information about the Golf rules to master the game. Play the ball as it lies. In a bunker, it’s not permissible to ground your club before hitting the ball. Also, you cannot repair the spike marks made by the player’s shoes. However, you may clear the ball marks or the old plug marks in case they affect the putt. If you don’t hole out on each hole, you are disqualified for not having a score.

In case of the ball lands in an unplayable spot, you may pick it up by adding a penalty stroke to your score. Drop it in one of the following locations - The original place from where you last shot, within two club lengths from where the ball is now, not nearer the hole or any distance back from the spot in line with the hole. When the ball is in play you must not touch it except for the times that cause it to move. You may otherwise, incur a penalty score. The same ball will be played from the teeing point into the hole. The ball can’t be changed except for when the rules allow.

Interesting facts from Aussie’s Golf History

Golf has been played in Australia since the 1830s. Today, Australia is among the countries with the highest numbers of Golf courses per capita globally.
  • 01
    The first official game of Golf was played 1847 in Melbourne, Victoria at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club.
  • 02
    The Royal Melbourne Golf Club founded on 22 May 1891 is the oldest club in continued use.
  • 03
    Richard Taylor, 1891 was the first known Australian professional player.

The Great Australian Golfers

Some of the most renowned Golfers of all-time came from Down Under.
  • World Golf Hall of Fame 1988, Open Championship 5 times.
    World Golf Hall of Fame 2001, ranked #1 in the world for 331 weeks..

Types Of Golf Ball

How to choose the right Golf ball?


Two-layered balls spin less with high velocity and launch angle. Multilayered ones can be tailored to perform to your need.


Softer materials yield better performance but are more prone to abrasions. Customise the mantle and core with material that suits you.


The price increases with the number of layers and performance. Pick the ball that meets your spinning needs and range.

Quick Golf Facts

Upgrade your Golf Trivia Knowledge

  • Other than javelin throw, Golf is the only game that has been played on the moon.
  • Mike Austin made the world’s longest pro Golf drive. It travelled a massive 470 metres!

Our Happy Members

What do our pro Golf members say?

Having played golf for over 30 years now, I can tell that Golf is an incredibly fascinating game. I have been trying to play with a similar precision each time, but this game is extremely unpredictable. You won't know when you'll hit your Masterstroke.

Golf is the most rewarding yet the most frustrating game ever developed in the world's history. It's all about giving your best to the rounds without thinking about failure or success. We can always keep getting better at the game.

Playing with discipline and honesty is what matters. Having a strong body and unwavering focus will help you reach heights in the game. You know you have matured when you stop caring about the outcome and just enjoy hitting each shot.

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