How To Prevent Injuries On The Golf Course

Did you know that golf is played by almost 10-20% of the total population and is becoming increasingly popular daily? Golf is not only a fun sport you can play when you retire or when you have lots of free time, but it is also an exciting game for youngsters where you can play at a professional level. Around 9 million Australians are interested in golf because it is a thrilling sport that keeps you physically and mentally fit. However, if you have weak muscles or joints or some health conditions, you are more prone to physical injuries on the golf course. Here are some main reasons why you get injured while playing golf and how you can prevent them:

Why You Get Injured 

You are more likely to get injured while playing golf due to the following reasons:


If you tend to sit in the same spot or do not engage in much physical activity, your muscles and joints will be stiff. Therefore, when you swing your golf clubs, most of the strain will be on your lower back and hips; therefore, you can get injured more easily.


There is only a 12,500 chance 1 of making a hole-in-one. If you are ready to take these many chances, you will be swinging your club again and again. While this excessive swinging might increase your chance of scoring a hole-in-one and improving your game, it can also cause inflated muscle tendons like tendonitis and joint pains.

Lack of Strengthening Exercises

Golf is a physical sport where you must engage your core, arm muscles, shoulders and legs to hit the ball perfectly. Therefore, if you have not strengthened your body with warm-ups and exercises, you will likely be injured on the golf course when playing. Now that you understand why you might be more prone to an injury, you should follow the below steps to prevent any golf-related injuries:

Prevention Tips

Increase Your Flexibility
Increasing your flexibility by doing warm-ups and stretching exercises before the golf game is important to prevent stiffness. If you are playing at a golf club, you can ask the golf experts in Australia to help you.
Do Strength Exercises
You should also ask your golf instructors to show you strengthening exercises that can help your core and muscles so that you do not injure yourself while playing. This will also help you play for a longer period and play as many games as you like.
Build Stamina
Golf is also a straining task for your body as you must walk across long golf courses to hit your hole-in-one. An average golf course in Australia is around 6600 yards long. If you are not physically active, you will find this game tough; thus, you must build your endurance. Start by going for small walks in your colony and then build it up to jogging and running so that you can increase your stamina gradually.
Keep The Correct Posture
Another way you can injure yourself and cause neck and back pain is by using the wrong posture. The correct way to handle a golf swing is to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your spine straight. You must also avoid hunching over the ball and always move with your hips to avoid straining your back.
Take Small Swings
Before you get excited and start overswinging your golf club, it is necessary to first start with small, light swings. You can slowly increase your swing daily and ask a professional for advice on improving your swing so that you do not injure your lower back and joint muscles.
Wear The Right Shoes
You should also not turn up to the golf club in any old track shoes, as this can strain your leg muscles. It is better to get golf shoes with short cleats that will help you move your legs more easily. Long cleats will only plant your feet firmly while you swing, which can cause severe knee pain.
Ask Professionals
Lastly, before you start swinging your golf club, it is better to ask professionals at golf clubs in West Australia for help. These professional experts have years of experience and will teach you all the golf etiquette and tips to help you play a good game of golf.
Golf is an extremely active and fun game that can be played in many variations and by any age group. But it is important to follow the above precautions when playing a game of golf to avoid injuries and to improve your game.

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