Tips For Improving Your Performance In Golf

Did you know that the game of golf was played on the moon? Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr swung a 6-iron club and hit a ball on the moon to celebrate this beautiful game. Golf has been around since 1457, when it was invented in Scotland, and has fast caught on as a popular game with many golf clubs and courses in Australia. If you are also a fan of the game and want to master it at a professional level, then you should follow the below tips given by expert golfers:

Tips For Your Game


Practice makes perfect, and this cannot be truer than in golf, where the more you practise your upswing and downswing, the better your game will be. It is a good idea to start practising on smaller golf courses and then move to larger 18-hole golf courses in West Australia, like the Maylands Peninsula Public Golf Course. This will help you master your technique over time, and you can even learn a variety of tips and tricks.

Important Tip

While it is good to practise your game as often as possible, you must also listen to your body. If you are feeling overly drained and your muscles and joints are sore, you must call it a day and get some rest.

Move Your Torso

To putt better golf shots, you must learn how to move your torso when hitting your shot. To get that extra swing on your shot, you need to move your torso so that your left shoulder is almost over your right foot on the backswing and vice-versa for the upswing.

Concentrate On The Shot

It is easy to think of how far you want to hit and concentrate on the target hole, but you must only look at the ball before making a shot. It would be best if you practised visualising the shot and then kept your eyes only on the ball until you followed through with it.
Prepare For Bunker Shots
Bunker shots are when you have to putt your ball from a sand pit on your golf course. Instead of spending hours hitting the ball and only landing up in more sand, you should practise these shots before the game. You can always get professional help for the same so that you can master these shots. Here are some helpful tips to prepare and learn these bunker shots:
  • Always aim for a few inches short of the golf ball, so you are not hitting the ball back in the sand.
  • You must keep your weight on the front foot and ensure your left arm is straight and not curved.
  • Take your shot slowly to get the ball out of the sand and onto the greens.
Note Down Your Weak Points
To improve your game of golf, you must record your stats regularly and note your weak points. For instance, note how many putt shots it took you to get to the greens and try to work on lessening that number to become a pro at the game. You can also ask the experts at the golf courses in Australia to help you improve your weak points in the game.
Train Track Your Ball
Lastly, it would help if you used this unique technique that many pro golfers in Australia use, where you visualise yourself and the ball on train tracks. To do this, you need to think you are on one train track and the ball is on another train track and then angle your body to make the perfect shot. You must keep your feet parallel to the ball, visualise your shot and then hit it with as much force as possible.
Golf is a unique game that not only helps you destress and relax, but it is also an organised sport with many social and psychological benefits, especially for children. This is because of the involvement of other players in the game, and when you play with a team of golfers, you feel mentally happier and develop patience and understanding. Therefore, it is good to play this game for various reasons, and you can use the above tips to improve your game and play well.

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