Golf Shoes For 2023: 5 Shoes Worn by Pros

Wearing the right shoes while playing golf is extremely crucial to perform well on the court. Buying the perfect shoes can be challenging because you need to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. Wearing the wrong shoes can make or break your game. Here is your complete guide outlining different types of golf shoes and top 5 shoes worn by professional golfers. Therefore, besides knowing what clothes to wear when golfing, make sure you have any of the following golf shoes. So, have a look.

What are the Different Types of Golf Shoes?

Depending on the game playing style of each person, one shoe type will be better for you than another. Therefore, knowing what are the different types available in the market is essential to make the right choice. Spiked Golf Shoes To have steady footing and better grip while playing, many pro golfers prefer to wear spiked shoes. In earlier days, most shoes had metal spikes but they torn the court and damaged the grass. Therefore, amateurs and hobbyists were banned from wearing them in most golf places. Now you can wear plastic spiked shoes that don’t damage the court. Spike-Less Shoes Most casual players of golf prefer to wear spike-less shoes. If you are part of a prestigious golf club in Western Australia, then you will see most people wearing these types of shoes. There are multiple benefits of wearing golf shoes like no sore feet, better grip on court, better form etc.   Golf Boots When playing golf during cold or wet weather in Australia, it is best to wear a pair of golf boots. They are skipped for better grip on the court and prevent slipping. Additionally, these shoes provide better warmth and coverage. Golf Sandals Don’t want to wear constricting shoes? Invest in a pair of golf sandals that are airy and comfortable. Most golf sandals have soft spikes that make them perfect for any court.   What To Look for When Buying Golf Footwear? Whether you want golf shoes, sandals or boots, here are the things you must look for before purchasing.
  • Quality because you need long-lasting footwear made from good raw materials.
  • Brand because it ensures quality and helps keep your collection stylish.
  • Comfort which is why you must always try the footwear and ensure it is comfortable.
  • Price is another factor to consider because quality footwear from a reckoned brand can be expensive.
Top 5 Shoes Worn by Golf Pros 1. FootJoy DryJoys Tour FootJoy is the leading brand in golf shoes with over 100 years of history of making excellent and quality golf footwear. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that its DryJoys Tour are a popular choice for pro golf players. The shoes have soft spikes, great balance and cutting-edge design. These shoes are priced at over $300 in Australia. 2. Adidas ZG21 Adidas is a reckoned sportswear brand in the world and it isn’t surprising that it produces quality golfing shoes. Among it most popular footwear is the Adidas ZG21 which are comfortable and perfect for walking 18 holes. It has soft spikes but still the stability and grip to make walking extremely easy.   3. Nike Roshe G Tour Another range of soft spiked and comfortable shoes you can see many pro golfers are the Nike Roshe G Tour. These shoes are reckoned for their design, color combinations, breathable material, and waterproof exterior. These shoes are almost perfect for any weather. What’s more, Nike is a trusted sports wear brand and owning a pair for playing golf is a must if you are serious about the sport.   4. FootJoy ICON Black Another FootJoy footwear to have in your collection is the ICON Black. With a saddle design, these shoes are the perfect play well and prevent injuries on the gold course. These footwears are made with premium leather and memory foam. What’s more, they are waterproof for 2 years.   5. Adidas CodeChaos Want to get golf shoes that are also athletic shoes? Then the CodeChaos are the perfect option. They are water proof and spike-less offering complete support without heaviness. You can remain light, avoid sport injuries and be on your feet in no time, while wearing these shoes. Wrapping Up Golf is a sport that requires to be on your feet at all times. Therefore, you must have the right shoes to remain comfortable on the court and off it. Thus, use this guide to learn everything about golf shoes and the one’s most professional golfers wear.  

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